For anyone living with cancer and looking for accessible, trustworthy resources, Ken Pope’s psychology resource pages are a goldmine. He provides this valuable service at no charge and always shares freely with other interested groups.

Thank you, Ken – you’re a scholar and a gentleman! Your site represents the Web at its very best – well researched, helpful, relevant, and also free.

The cancer support page offers full citations of 153 recent articles, chapters, and books. These include academic studies, discussions of therapy, peer counselling, self help – and more.

There are also links to similar pages of related resources:

1) 12 Useful Steps if You’re Diagnosed With Cancer
2) Cancer Exercise: Prevention Recovery
3) New Resources for Breast Cancer
4) New Resources for Prostate Cancer
5) New Resources for Lung Cancer
6) New Resources for Colon Cancer
7) Resources for Caregiving
8) New Resources for End-of-Life Challenges

This last page gives information about Hospice care, and creating an “At-Home Hospice” (very relevant in PE where our Hospice does not have an in-patient unit). It also discusses Living Wills and Advance Directives.

Knowledge is power. The more we know, the more we can change our own lives and the world around us to offer better service and support to people diagnosed with cancer and those who care for them.